• Focus Pocus

    “The opportunity was right in front of us—but we were too close. Working with PitchBlue was eye-opening, in the best way.”
    ~President, software company

    Our client needed focus. Their offering was too broad. And the claim that they could do anything…for anyone…in any market—wasn’t credible to prospective clients.

    We helped them move away from talking about what they do—consequently leaving it up to their prospects to figure out how to use their software—to proving how the client could  benefit from using their solutions.

    The big idea? Repackaged the software product as a turnkey service to specifically target and meet the needs of the financial publishing market.

    The result? They are now able to take best advantage of a private-labeling relationship with a global information aggregator. Presto. They’re on track to double revenues in year one.