• Tomato, tomah-to

    “No matter how you sliced it, we had one kind of client. We were vulnerable. Now we know what specific steps we’ll take to change the situation.”

    ~ President, IT recruiting company

    This $40M company was overly exposed and dependent on a short list of low-margin, high-volume clients. They were too busy in the weeds of trying to deliver to a limited group of all-consuming clients, and without a dedicated sales team, they couldn’t break out of this unstable situation.

    The big idea? Found a sweet spot—a higher margin, niche service that required little investment and less staff to deliver. We built a new story around this offering, then found a list of target clients who would appreciate hearing it.

    The results? Our client is on track to hire dedicated sales positions and increase sales with a new category of clients by 15% in 2010 and double their business within three years—without wearing out the staff!