• Mais Oui

    “PitchBlue made us shine. Our personalities came through. The client was so bowled over, when the lights came up, they simply said…you so got it”

    ~President public relations firm

    This bid to a French international account would be the biggest pitch of the year for our media relations client. And it had to be done in five days.

    We helped them develop the message strategy, the offer, storyboarding and the content. We even threw in a good dose of French humor. Then wrapped it all up into an eye-popping multi-media presentation.

    The big idea? Our clients have a great vibe about them. We built a presentation that hit every brand note that the international company cared about while also making sure that our client’s personality, wit and smarts came through as a clear advantage.

    The result? We’ll leave it to the president of the firm to tell you…“We cannot imagine going into another big pitch without PitchBlue’s perspective and insights”