New Revenue BluePrint

Establish revenue goals you can achieve in years 1, 2, 5 etc…
Clarify what you’re selling, to whom, and how
Pinpoint what it is that makes you different
Look at how you compare to competitors
Identify ideal new opportunities and targets that you can leverage
Match your value to client need
Find opportunities to expand your offerings and revenue sources
Set a road map to go from organic to sustained new business development
Determine the right mix of brand alignment, promotion, thought leadership, and outreach necessary to boost sales efforts

Premium Pitches

Develop a winning strategy
Prepare a powerful story
Amplify your unique proposition
Tailor the offer to the prospect
Make the numbers compelling—and realistic
Package it up with zing (visually stunning and easy to digest)

Business Development Support

Develop presentation templates and systems that are easy to use and tailor for the next opportunity
Create a scalable process that your staff can handle right away
Hire an in-house sales team for you, or build a virtual or outsourced one
Design sales compensation plans that motivate the right activities
Directly conduct outreach and bring in opportunities

Effective Outreach

Align messages to your unique positioning
Create your 30/3/30 pitch
Create a durable outreach plan
Train staff to deliver messages consistently
Build an ongoing series of email and social media campaigns, whitepapers, events and speaking opportunities to support business development efforts

Creative Support

Apply messages consistently across all outreach media
Implement all aspects of outreach plan as necessary
Create innovative sales materials
Update and refresh the website